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will county injury attorneyThe most famous American personal injury cases often make news headlines for enormous settlements under circumstances that some people, without knowing the full story, may see as ridiculous. However, personal injury lawsuits remain a crucial lifeline for allowing people wronged by the dangerous, careless, or negligent actions of someone else to recover essential compensation that can cover anything from medical expenses to lost life quality. 

If you have been in a serious accident and suffered injuries for which someone else is responsible, you likely have questions about how personal injury cases work. Read this brief overview and then contact an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney. 

Overview of the Personal Injury Case Process

The first thing most people do is contact at least one personal injury attorney to schedule a consultation and get an idea of what their options are. Although it may be tempting to try to handle your case yourself, an attorney has the experience and skill necessary to let you know whether you are getting a fair deal and whether you could fight harder for something better. 


joliet personal injury lawyerWhile every driver knows they should be paying attention to the road, the reality is often far different. Newer drivers can be easily distracted by others in their car, while older drivers may take for granted their skill to operate a vehicle while changing music or taking a bite of a snack. It is clear from statistics that distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents. Even losing focus for a split second can lead to severe crashes that can lead to personal injuries for all drivers and passengers involved. Here are some of the most common distractions that lead to vehicle accidents:

Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents

  • Cell phones – The most common cause of distracted driving is the cell phone. Even if the phone is in “hands-free” mode, making a call, sending or reading a text, or looking for directions can distract a driver enough to cause an accident.

  • Other occupants – Having another person in the car with you can be distracting if you are carrying on a conversation with them, looking at them, or trying to hand them something. This can include children in the back seat. Taking your eyes off the road even momentarily can be dangerous.


shutterstock_250536799.jpgAs much as we may all want to be able to trust other drivers on the road, it is in our best interests to be proactive and alert when operating a motor vehicle. Even if you have full faith in your own driving abilities, you never know how another driver may act on the road. 

Sometimes, people choose to drive recklessly and disobey roadway laws, placing not only themselves in harm’s way but other people as well. This type of behavior is known as negligence. 

The Definition of Negligence

Negligence can be thought of as behavior in which a person does not conduct his- or herself in a reasonable manner and subsequently harms another party. If someone fails to drive in accordance with the law, their actions are considered negligent because they owe it to fellow drivers to conduct themselves in a safe manner, yet they failed to uphold that responsibility as a driver.  


will county personal injury attorneyThe journey back to normal after a serious car accident is long and arduous, no matter the circumstances. However, the difficulty of your recovery is, to a degree, determined by the choices you make in the crash’s aftermath.

Unfortunately, accident victims frequently make poor decisions that do far more harm than good. If you are in a car crash, here are four common mistakes to avoid:

Not Calling the Police

The first thing you should do after a serious car accident is call 911. Law enforcement can help get the scene under control and make sure the injured receive medical care.

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