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plainfield car accident lawyerAs Illinois summer moves into its hottest month, many motorcyclists will be on the road and trying to keep cool. While driving with the wind in your hair may seem like an excellent alternative to crawling into a piping hot car and waiting for the air conditioning to turn on, driving motorcycles has serious risks and limitations. 

Most obviously, motorcycles are small and difficult to see, making them easy victims of car and truck accidents. And while most motorcycle riders exercise caution, the few who take risks on the road contribute to more than their fair share of motorcycle accidents. Whether you are a motorcyclist or sharing the road with motorcycles, it is important to be aware of common driving errors that motorcyclists often make that end up causing accidents. 

Risky Motorcycle Driving Behaviors

The feeling of speed and small size can make it tempting to break more rules when driving a motorcycle. The behaviors that most often contribute to crashes include: 

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