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Joliet Restaurant Injury Lawyer

Romeoville bar, restaurant, and concert injury attorney

Will County Premises Liability Attorney for Injuries at Bars, Restaurants, Stadiums, and Entertainment Venues

There are a variety of situations where people may be injured while on someone else's property, and an injured person may be able to pursue compensation from a negligent property owner through a premises liability claim or lawsuit. However, these cases can often become complicated when the injuries occur in public places. Those who are injured while eating at restaurants or attending concerts or sports games at stadiums or entertainment venues will need the help of a skilled attorney to determine how they can receive the compensation they deserve.

Attorney Michael J. Lichner provides dedicated legal representation for clients in multiple types of personal injury cases. For more than a decade, he has helped injured people take legal action to hold negligent parties responsible for acts of negligence, and he has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. Our firm has the resources to prosecute cases against large companies that own or operate entertainment venues, and we can also ensure that settlements offered by insurance companies will fully address an injured person's damages.

Injuries at Entertainment Venues and Restaurants

The owner of an establishment or a tenant who is in control of a property is responsible for protecting the safety of customers or visitors. Any hazards on a property should be repaired or corrected, or warnings should be provided to ensure that visitors can avoid being injured. If a person is injured because of hazards on the property or because the owner did not take the proper measures to protect guests' safety, the owner may be held liable for the person's damages.

Injuries that can occur at these types of public venues include:

  • Slip, trip, and fall injuries - Wet or slippery floors or damaged walking surfaces either inside or outside a venue may cause patrons to slip or trip, and they can suffer serious bodily harm when falling to the ground. Falls to a lower level can be especially dangerous, and these incidents may occur because of defective railings on a balcony at a concert hall or a mezzanine at a sports arena.
  • Fights and assaults - Arguments can occur between patrons at bars, entertainment venues, or sports games, especially when patrons have been consuming alcohol, and these incidents may escalate into fights that result in one or more people being injured. The owner of a venue or the company who was managing an event may be liable for these types of injuries if they did not take the proper measures to prevent these types of incidents, such as having bouncers or security staff break up fights and eject people who are aggressive or belligerent.
  • Negligent security - A venue should employ security staff and take all necessary measures to protect the safety of visitors. Inadequate security may result in people being robbed or assaulted. For example, if security guards do not patrol the outside of a venue, or if a parking area does not have adequate lighting, a person may be assaulted when exiting the building and returning to their vehicle.
  • Food poisoning - Food or drinks served at a venue may cause harm to patrons due to contamination by infectious diseases or toxic chemicals. These types of incidents may occur if food is not cooked properly or if staff members do not follow sanitary practices, such as failing to wash hands, clean surfaces, or store food properly.

Contact Our Naperville Premises Liability Lawyer

If you or a member of your family have been injured while eating at a restaurant, attending a concert or sports game, or visiting a bar, determining who was responsible can sometimes be complicated. In these situations, Michael J. Lichner - Will County Personal Injury Lawyer - can provide you with legal help and representation to ensure that you can receive compensation for your injuries. To learn more about how we can help with your case, contact us and set up a free consultation by calling 815-730-1977. We prosecute restaurant and entertainment venue injury cases throughout the Will County area, including but not limited to Plainfield, New Lenox, Homer Glen, Naperville, Mokena, Shorewood, Lockport, Frankfort, Romeoville, Joliet, and Bolingbrook. We also provide representation for injured people in other areas throughout Northern Illinois, including DuPage County and Cook County.

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