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Case Results

$7,600,000.00 for the surviving spouse of a man who was killed on I-80 when a semi-tractor trailer sideswiped his vehicle, disabling it sideways in the middle lane, and a short time later another passing motorist violently collided with him as he attempted to exit from his disabled vehicle.

$933,730.70 for the two surviving children of a woman who was killed when a passing motorists failed to yield the right of way and t-boned her in rural Illinois.

$872,500.00 for a man and his wife from a mild traumatic brain injury and other orthopedic injuries to his left leg when he was caused to fall from a ladder that collapsed on a residential construction site.

$715,000.00 for a man who fell and seriously injured his left knee when a loose dog attacked his dog.

$650,000.00 for a passenger in a vehicle who suffered a non-displaced clavicle and rotator cuff tear as the result of being struck by a semitrailer attempting a U-turn.

$575,000.00 for an elderly woman who was struck in a pedestrian crosswalk by a passing motorist and suffered lower left leg injuries as she pushed her shopping cart through a grocery store parking lot.

$505,000.00 insurance policy limits for a man who was knocked down by a loose dog and suffered closed head injuries.

$500,000 insurance policy limits for a teenager who sustained scarring and disfigurement to her lower leg when it became trapped between the ATV on which she was a passenger and its exhaust system.

$500,000 insurance policy limits for a driver who was rear-ended and required minimally invasive surgery to extract the herniated portion of a disc in his lower back.

$425,000 for a woman who slipped and fell while walking across a parking deck to work re-injuring her shoulder and requiring two successive surgeries to repair the damage.

$380,000 for a woman who was struck by an elderly motorist who ran a red light and required shoulder surgery.

$325,000 for an elderly who fell in a dimly lit theater, broke her hip, and required surgery.

$320,000 for woman who slipped, fell down and suffered a tri-malleolar fracture because of a poorly designated and placed downspout that directed freezing water onto a sidewalk outside of her apartment building.

$300,000 for a then 17-year old young lady suffered injuries to both shoulders that required surgical repair because she was struck by a motorist who failed to stop behind the designated lane and knocked her off her bicycle.

$285,000 for an elderly woman who fell outside of a gas station and fractured her hip while trying to retrieve ice from the freezer that was located atop a raised curb.

$280,000 for a woman who suffered closed head injuries and scarring when she fell from her bicycle on a roadway in a residential construction site due to a cutout and debris that was washed into the street by flooding sprinklers.

$275,000 insurance policy limits for a woman who was struck head on by another motorist and required multiple surgeries.

$250,000 insurance policy limits for a gentleman who suffered soft-tissue injuries to his shoulder and lower back when another motorist ran a red light.

$250,000 insurance policy limits for a driver that required shoulder surgery after she was hit head-on by a drunk driver who crossed over the centerline.

$250,000 for a woman who fell down an interior staircase in her apartment building because of dim lighting, a wobbly handrail, and soiled carpeting.

$231,000 for a woman who sustained fractures to her wrist when she was knocked to the ground by a dog that ran away from its owner.

$185,000 for an adult woman who was a passenger on an ATV who sustained fractures to her upper arm when a teenage driver crashed that ATV into a tree.

$130,000 for a woman who sustained temporary partial paralysis that affected her ability to smile after being hit by a driver who blew a red light was t-boned.

$100,000 insurance policy limits for a man in a motorized wheelchair that was knocked to the ground by a motorist who hit his chair while crossing the street within a pedestrian crosswalk.

These results are in addition to hundreds of other favorable resolutions by settlement, mediation, arbitration, and trial.

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