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Can I Sue the Manufacturer if My Child Was Injured By a Broken Toy? 

 Posted on May 23, 2022 in Personal Injury

joliet personal injury lawyerEvery year, more than a dozen children across the United States die in toy-related incidents. Many hundreds of thousands more are seriously injured by dangerous toys. In addition to the injuries caused to children, the experience of watching a child choke, cut themselves, or otherwise get injured in the safety of one’s home can cause lasting psychological trauma to parents. The tragic death of a young child is something many parents never fully recover from. If your child has been injured or killed by a broken toy, you may want to know whether an Illinois defective product attorney can help you hold the manufacturer responsible. 

Common Types of Dangerous Toys

Because of their inexperience and lack of judgment, children are at risk from many objects that are harmless to adults. Even something like a balloon can become stuck in a child’s mouth or throat, causing suffocation. Examples of other toys that pose a potential danger include: 

  • Buttons on a doll’s clothing

  • Toys with many small pieces, like building bricks and engineering kits

  • Science experiment kits that contain chemicals that can be harmful to ingest

  • Toys with pieces that can break off easily, like toy gun triggers or action figures holding something in their hand

  • Small, round toys like marbles or balls 

  • Electrical fires from defective motors or computer parts 

In addition to choking hazards, children often put small pieces of toys in their ears and noses, where they can become lodged and require surgery to remove. Pieces may also be inhaled into the lungs, trachea, or larynx. 

Is a Toy Manufacturer Responsible For My Child’s Injuries? 

Toy manufacturers are required to create safe products and carefully design, test, and manufacture toys that do not pose a threat to the age range to which they are marketed. If a toy has small parts that could be dangerous to a young child, manufacturers must place a warning on the packaging and indicate the appropriate age range. Because many toys are made overseas, it can be difficult to determine which party is responsible for the injuries caused to your child. An attorney with experience in investigating defective toy manufacturing can help you look at the evidence and file a lawsuit. 

Contact a Will County, IL Product Liability Attorney 

Watching a child suffer because of a poorly manufactured or broken toy can be one of the worst experiences a parent ever goes through. If your child has been injured by a defective toy or other product for children, contact Illinois product liability attorney Michael J. Lichner. Our offices are conveniently located on Executive Drive in Joliet, and we offer free, no-pressure consultations so you can get a sense of your options before making a commitment. Call us today at 815-730-1977




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