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Can I Sue if I Was Injured During an Uber Ride in Illinois? 

 Posted on June 01, 2022 in Car Crashes

joliet rideshare accident lawyerRideshare companies in Illinois fill an important economic gap by combining affordable rides with the technology to access those rides quickly and easily. However, because rideshare drivers are operating their own vehicles, they are at risk of causing a car accident through careless mistakes just like any other driver - perhaps more so, since rideshare drivers are everyday drivers, not trained professionals. 

When rideshare drivers cause serious accidents, injured victims may wonder whether they have the ability to seek compensation from the driver or the rideshare company. Rideshare liability law is a complex and evolving area of law, and every case is different. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident in Illinois, seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney who is up-to-date on the latest legal developments. 

Who is Responsible For Insuring Rideshare Drivers? 

Like many employees in the so-called gig economy, rideshare drivers are independent contractors responsible for insuring their own vehicles. If someone is injured in a rideshare accident, the lawsuit will typically be filed against the driver, not the rideshare company. However, rideshare companies do have insurance policies to protect riders against underinsured drivers and these insurance policies typically cover up to one million dollars worth of damages.

Are Rideshare Company Insurance Policies Always Applicable? 

For rideshare companies’ insurance policies to kick in, the driver must be using the rideshare company’s app, have accepted a request from a rider, and have a rider in their car. The typical rider will be protected during the typical ride. But what about the fringe cases? For example, what happens when a rider makes a deal with a driver to come back later and give them a ride at a discounted price, a driver’s phone dies and they are not actively using the app, or a pedestrian is struck by a driver just after they log out of the app for the night? 

The process of filing a lawsuit against a rideshare company or driver can sound simple when, in reality, the process is actually quite complicated. And after a serious car accident, victims are rarely in the mood to pursue complex litigation. Fortunately, a great rideshare injuries attorney can do the legal heavy lifting so victims can focus on healing and getting back to normal life. 

Meet with a Will County, Illinois Rideshare Injuries Lawyer

When you get in an Uber or Lyft, the last thing you expect is for your driver’s carelessness to cause you serious injury. When you are faced with managing the unthinkable, get the help of an aggressive Will County personal injury attorney who knows how to handle insurance companies and will vigorously pursue the full compensation to which you are entitled. Call the offices of Michael J. Lichner - Will County Personal Injury Lawyer today at 815-730-1977  to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 





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